This copy of Windows not genuine windows 7 solution

As we all are very much aware of Microsoft Windows 7, one of the best operating system of Microsoft comes in market with, what they say, “Activated Key” feature. But after a month or two passes away, it starts to display a message “This copy of windows is not genuine”, and then puts your windows 7 at trial period.
            The real reason behind this is a Microsoft most effective update tool which is known as “Windows Genuine Advantage Tool” or “Microsoft malicious software removal tool”. This tool installs automatically itself by “Microsoft Windows Update Center”. This tool communicates directly with “Microsoft Services”, via internet and informs them about the user’s copy of “Microsoft Windows”. That’s only how Microsoft can find whether the users are using the licensed copy of Microsoft windows or not.
            But there are two possible and easy solutions for this problem.
1.      By turning off the windows updates.
2.      By using a “Patch” or “Crack”.
1.    By Turning off the Windows Updates:-
This is very easy solution for every user who uses windows 7 or even windows XP. All you have to do is when you finished installing your windows just go to “Windows Control Panel” from “Start Menu”. Then double click and pop open the “Windows Update” icon. In “Windows update” window, Select “Install updates automatically (recommended)” option. When you will click on it a drop down menu will appear, then select “Never check for updates (Not recommended)” option.
Note: You can also select the other options as well, if you know which update is appropriate for your windows and other Microsoft programs associated to you windows copy.
2.    By using a Patch or Crack:-
This procedure is a little tricky for users to adopt, to solve their problem “This copy of Microsoft windows 7 is not genuine”.
Step 1: First of all make sure the windows updates on your computer are turned off. And if they aren’t, do turn them off before you proceed further.
Note: If you do not know the procedure of turning off the updates, then read the whole article carefully.
Step 2: Download the Patch Name “Windows Genuine Advantage Removal Tool”. A link to download this tool is given below. You can download it easily just by searching with these keywords “Windows Genuine Advantage Removal Tool for Windows 7 Free Download”
Note: Once you finished downloading the patch. You can run it and proceed with the patch instructions easily, just make sure to close all the applications and file folders before running this procedure.
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  2. i wish you could just post a link to download the file immediately.....but thanks!


  3. When I install the program, I encountered this message.

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  5. hi...Im student from Informatics engineering nice article,
    thanks for sharing :)

  6. I have found two different patches with the same name. One is 644KB using the default MS icon, the other is 68KB using a sort of 5 star icon. Which one?

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  8. Hi,

    Anybody facing this problem can do following. It worked for me.

    Step 1: Log into your windows 7 and begin with starting command prompt. To open Command prompt, type “cmd” keyword in the search field of start menu. Right before opening the cmd from search results, right click on “cmd.exe” and click as run as administrator. See the below image as reference.

    Step 2: Now once the command prompt window is opened, type the following command:
    SLMGR -REARM Make sure that you have opened the command prompt using “Run as administrator option” or else this command will not work.

    Step 3: After entering the command as it is, hit the enter button on your keyboard to execute the operation.

    Step 4: Right after entering the command a confirmation window will popup stating that “Command completed successfully, please restart the system for the changes to take effect”. So follow the instructions and restart the computer so that the changes you have made can take effect.

    Step 5: After restarting the computer, you may not receive any “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error.

    1. hey bhai...thanku so much...
      yarrr aApka process bahot mst h aur simple bhi...wao!!!
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    3. really worked...thank you so much..i have been pondering a lot not knowing when my computer will go down with this problem...thank you sooooooooo much again.

    4. It works..
      Thank u soooo much.
      it is simple and working as well...

    5. thanks bro its very simple..i was struggling with dis problem from last one i saw ur mail...& solve problem

    6. It's 100% working. Thanks.

  9. when i switch on my lappy the screen is fully black wid no icons except for the comment in right corner 'this copy of windows is not genuine'
    now wat do i do wen i m nt even able to see the start button..
    plzz help...

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  11. There is another way how to fix this error using command prompt which is mentioned in below link.

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  14. great yaar,, it really worked for me,,but sorry to ask this,,is this solution permanent or just a camouflage , which is hiding the intimation of not a geniune copy of windows message..anyways thank you so much and thankssssssss alot

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